quinta-feira, 19 de outubro de 2017

Lex De Azevedo - Heartlight Vol. 2

  1. Who's Sorry Now
  2. You and I
  3. All of Me
  4. How High the Moon
  5. By Myself
  6. Till
  7. You Are So Beautiful
  8. April Love
  9. Time After Time
  10. All I Have to Do Is Dream
  11. Through the Years
  12. Tonight's the Night
  13. Song from Moulin Rouge
  14. The Way of Love (It's Impossible)
  15. Yes, I'm Ready
  16. For All We Know
  17. Waiting for A Girl Like You
  18. Dream Lover
  19. Marianne
  20. True Love Ways
  21. All the Way
  22. Key Largo
  23. Mr. Blue
  24. The Wayward Wind
  25. Because of You
  26. Long, Long Time
  27. My Prayer
  28. Open Arms

Henri René and His Orchestra - Music for The Weaker Sex

  1. Perry
  2. Frankie
  3. Harry
  4. Tab
  5. Eddie
  6. Mario
  7. Pat
  8. Dino
  9. Nat
  10. Johnny
  11. Bing
  12. Elvis

quarta-feira, 18 de outubro de 2017

Francis Lai and His Orchestra - Love in the Rain

  1. Theme from Love Story (From The Film)
  2. Dance of Love (Original Soundtrack from The Film)
  3. Under A Star (Sur Notre Étoile) (Vocals - Francis Lai)
  4. Solitude (Original Soundtrack from The Film The Smell Of Savages)
  5. Love in the Rain (Un Amour De Pluie) (Original Soundtrack from The Film)
  6. The Legend of Frenchie King (Les Pétroleuses) (Original Soundtrack from The Film)
  7. A Man and A Woman (Un Homme Et Une Femme) (From The Film)
  8. For A Shadow (Pour Un Ombre) (Original Soundtrack from The Film Love In The Rain)
  9. For The Blood of Others (Par Le Sang Des Autres) (Original Soundtrack from The Film)
  10. The Blue Rose (La Rose Bleue) (Vocals - Francis Lai)
  11. African Summer (Original Soundtrack From The Film)
  12. Happy New Year (La Bonne Année) (Original Soundtrack From The Film)

terça-feira, 17 de outubro de 2017

Enoch Light and The Light Brigade - Play Happy Cha Cha's

  1. Baby It's Cold Outside Cha Cha
  2. Cancione De Amor Latina
  3. I'm Through with Love Cha Cha
  4. Cheek to Cheek Cha Cha
  5. Some of These Days Cha Cha
  6. Rico Rica Cha Cha Cha
  7. My Blue Heaven Cha Cha
  8. Para Bailar El Cha Cha
  9. Bye Bye Blackbird Cha Cha
  10. Pretty Baby Cha Cha
  11. What A Difference A Day Made Cha Cha
  12. Around the World Cha Cha

Enoch Light and The Light Brigade - Pertinent Percussion Cha Cha's

  1. Enjoy Yourself Cha Cha
  2. I Could Have Danced All Night Cha Cha
  3. Moon Over Miami Cha Cha
  4. C'est Magnifique Cha Cha
  5. Ja Da Cha Cha
  6. Night and Day Cha Cha
  7. Green Eyes Cha Cha
  8. Volare Cha Cha
  9. Let's Fall in Love Cha Cha
  10. Travel Now, Pay Next Year Pleasure Cruise Cha Cha
  11. The Night Is Young Cha Cha
  12. Charleston Cha Cha

segunda-feira, 16 de outubro de 2017

Enoch Light and The Light Brigade - Play I Want To Be Happy Cha Cha's (Reupload)

  1. I Want to Be Happy Cha Cha
  2. Tremendo Cha Cha
  3. Tea for Two Cha Cha
  4. Lover Cha Cha
  5. Yes Sir That's My Baby Cha Cha
  6. Sheik of Araby Cha Cha
  7. Chiquita Cha Cha
  8. Sweet and Gentle Cha Cha
  9. Cara Mia Cha Cha
  10. How High the Moon Cha Cha
  11. Patricia Cha Cha
  12. Guaglione Cha Cha
I Want to Be Happy

Lex De Azevedo - Heartlight Vol. 1

  1. Baby Come Back
  2. I Only Have Eyes for You
  3. I'll Never Love This Way Again
  4. Poetry Man
  5. Rhapsody in Blue
  6. Teach Me Tonight
  7. Never My Love
  8. Time
  9. Once Upon A Time
  10. Today
  11. What Kind of Fool
  12. Comin' In and Out of Your Life
  13. To Love Somebody
  14. Truly
  15. Call Me
  16. Heartlight
  17. You Decorated My Life
  18. California Dreamin'
  19. Love on A Two-Way Street
  20. Love So Right
  21. Never Gonna Let You Go
  22. Stop, Look, Listen to Your Heart
  23. A Beautiful Friendship
  24. Didn't We
  25. I'm Glad There Is You
  26. Sweet Life
  27. Looking for Love

domingo, 15 de outubro de 2017

Billy Vaughn and His Orchestra - Orange Blossom Special and Wheels

  1. Wheels
  2. Orange Blossom Special
  3. Are You Lonesome Tonight
  4. Marie
  5. My Dear
  6. C'est Si Bon
  7. Lazy River
  8. The Whiffenpoof Song
  9. Sorrento
  10. Green Grass of Texas
  11. Summertime
  12. It's A Lonesome Old Town

sábado, 14 de outubro de 2017

Dave Harris and The Powerhouse Five - Dinner Music for A Pack of Hungry Cannibals

  1. Dinner Music for A Pack of Hungry Cannibals
  2. In An Eighteenth Century Drawing Room
  3. Siberian Sleigh Ride
  4. Wreckless Night Aboard An Ocean Liner
  5. Minuet in Jazz
  6. Twilight in Turkey
  7. Powerhouse
  8. The Toy Trumpet
  9. The Penguin
  10. Boy Scout in Switzerland
  11. The Happy Farmer
  12. War Dance for Wooden Indians

Billy Vaughn - Berlin Melody

  1. Berlin Melody
  2. Michael
  3. Mexico
  4. Wooden Heart
  5. Together
  6. It Happened in Adano
  7. Autumn Love Song
  8. Blue Tomorrow
  9. Clair de Lune
  10. I Can't Help It
  11. Blue Moon
  12. Till I Waltz Again with You
  13. Serenade of the Bells
  14. Come September

quinta-feira, 12 de outubro de 2017

Orchester Anthony Ventura - Je T'aime Vol. 4

  1. When A Man Loves A Woman
  2. I'd Love You to Want Me
  3. In the Ghetto / Let It Be
  4. The Green Leaves of Summer
  5. Adios Amigo / Imagine
  6. Sailing
  7. The Mouth Organ Boy / Inch' Allah
  8. Kisses and Tears
  9. Georgia on My Mind
  10. Release Me / Banks of The Ohio
  11. Dolannes Melodie

Enoch Light and The Light Brigade - Provocative Percussion Volume 4

  1. On the Street Where You Live
  2. You're Getting to Be A Habit with Me
  3. That's My Desire
  4. Comme Ci, Comme Ca
  5. I Got It Bad and That Ain't Good
  6. Do-Do-Do
  7. Make Someone Happy
  8. You're An Old Smoothie
  9. Solitude
  10. With My Eyes Wide Open, I'm Dreaming
  11. The Look of Love
  12. I Love You

quarta-feira, 11 de outubro de 2017

Henri René and Orchestra - Paris Loves Lovers

  1. Under Paris Skies
  2. J'attendrai
  3. C'est Si Bon
  4. Allo! Allo! Allo!
  5. Et Maintenant
  6. The Petite Waltz
  7. Paris in the Spring
  8. Fleurs De Lis
  9. Why Do You Pass Me By
  10. Ah, Ah, Ah, Ah
  11. C'etait Moi
  12. Paris Loves Lovers
  13. Comme Ci, Comme Ca
  14. La Vie En Rose

terça-feira, 10 de outubro de 2017

Billy Vaughn His Orchestra and Chorus - Michelle

  1. Michelle
  2. I Will
  3. Elaine
  4. Organ Grinder's Swing
  5. One Has My Name
  6. Chim Chim Cheree
  7. Mexican Shuffle
  8. I Could Have Danced All Night
  9. Watermelon Man
  10. In the Chapel in the Moonlight
  11. See See Rider
  12. Bluebird of Happiness

segunda-feira, 9 de outubro de 2017

Nelson Riddle and His Orchestra - Changing Colors (Reupload)

  1. My Life
  2. My Sweet Lord
  3. São Paulo
  4. Close to You
  5. My One and Only Love
  6. Lamento
  7. When the World Was Young
  8. Naomi
  9. Just A Little Lovin'
  10. Changing Colors
Changing Colors

Frank Sinatra's legendary arranger recorded this MPS album in the early 70s in Germany, creating a new contemporary "Riddle sound". Big, brassy and elegant, blending jazz, bossa nova and lounge music.

The MPS - Most Perfect Sound Edition presents the classic recordings of Europe's prestigious jazz label with new state-of-the-art 192khz/24BIT remastering.

Orchestra arranged and conducted by Nelson Riddle

Produced by Willi Fruth and Claus Ogerman

Engineered by Peter Kramper

Recorded at Bavaria Tonstudio, Munich, August 1971

Leo Diamond and His Orchestra - Subliminal Sounds

  1. Laura
  2. How High the Moon
  3. Through the Lonely Night
  4. Rain
  5. Jungle Drums
  6. Off Shore
  7. Three Coins in the Fountain
  8. Dream Train
  9. Autumn Leaves
  10. (Come to My) House of Dreams
  11. High on A Windy Hill
  12. The Last Round Up

domingo, 8 de outubro de 2017

Orchester Anthony Ventura - Je T'aime Vol. 3

  1. Vaya Con Dios / House of the Rising Sun
  2. Are You Lonesome Tonight / Detroit City
  3. Island in the Sun
  4. Red Roses for A Blue Lady / Love Letters in the Sand
  5. Jill's Theme (Spiel Mir Das Lied vom Tod)
  6. I Can't Stop Loving You
  7. Don't Tell Me Why
  8. I Almost Lost My Mind / Soleado
  9. My Happiness / Only You
  10. Tennessee Waltz / Amazing Grace

sexta-feira, 6 de outubro de 2017

Andre Kostelanetz - Exotic Nights

  1. Brazilian Dance
  2. Fantasy on Japanese Woodprints
  3. Dance of Persian Slaves
  4. Night of The Tropics
  5. Sea of The Spring
  6. Cordoba

quinta-feira, 5 de outubro de 2017

Nat King Cole - This Is Nat "King" Cole - Orchestra Conducted by Nelson Riddle

  1. Dreams Can Tell A Lie
  2. I Just Found Out About Love
  3. Too Young to Go Steady
  4. Forgive My Heart
  5. Annabelle
  6. Nothing Ever Changes My Love for You
  7. To the Ends of the Earth
  8. I'm Gonna Laugh You Right Out of My Life
  9. Someone You Love
  10. Love Me As Though There Were No Tomorrow
  11. That's All
  12. Never Let Me Go
  13. Small Towns Are Smile Towns
  14. Don't Hurt The Girl
  15. My Flaming Heart
  16. United

Carl Stevens - "Skin" and Bones (Reupload)

  1. Love for Sale
  2. Walkin' Shoes
  3. How Long Has This Been Going On
  4. Long Ago and Far Away
  5. Fascinating Rhythm
  6. The Moon Was Yellow (And the Night Was Young)
  7. It Had to Be You
  8. Winter Dreams
  9. Soon
  10. Imagination
  11. All of You
Skin and Bones

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